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Ronda Bennet

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Massage Therapy Chose me back in 2004 when my life took a turn in another direction. Upon graduating and passing the State Medical Board of Ohio for Massage Therapy, I grew to experience the amazing benefits of Touch Therapy. As I have grown my practice, I felt a calling to learn more, so in continuing my education with Earl Timberlake Neurotherapy/ Myofascial Release Techniques in 2008 I was able to develop my skills. With continued learning in 2011 Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, & Paul Kelly’s Physiokinetixs Training, I have been able to transform my knowledge into helping clients with the truly beneficial postural habits we take on in our daily lives. 


And so it is with great pleasure that I am able to bring this skillset to the amazing clients I see daily, both long-standing and new. I decided to open my own studio in 2016 and created this space from my passion for the therapeutic abilities of Massage and its abilities to transform the body, mind & spirit into a balanced and healthy presence. And so it is with joy that I have this space to offer my colleagues to grow their own small businesses. It is with humble heart & gratitude that we have for our clients, who honor our space & appreciate the work we mindfully do.

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