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Ronda Bennet


Greetings ~

Licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio, my practice contains modalities ranging from Swedish to Deep Tissue therapies. I specialize in Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy. Included also are Neuromuscular and Myofascial Therapies. Along with offering Energy work and body treatments such as Hot Stone Therapy, Mini Facials, Reflexology, Body Polish, Raindrop Therapy, to name a few, which are incorporated throughout your sessions. You will definitely be engaged with the experience of Mindful Massage & Bodywork LLC.

Massage Therapy in my opinion is one of the most healing and honorable techniques one could do to care for the body and its functionality. Massage treatments work well with Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Therapy, and Doctor referred treatments.

It is my personal goal to offer a safe, trusted environment where people can receive the Bodywork they are looking for from Licensed Medical Massage Therapists with continued education in their specialized modalities.

With Gratitude,

Ronda Bennet LMT

Be Well & Be Mindful

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