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Irene Benoit


I began my journey as an LMT in 2019, graduating from Dayton School Medical Massage. Since graduating, I have made it a priority to acquire skilled massage techniques and tools tailored to the individual client’s needs and wants for optimizing their wellness. I set my intentions at being focused in my work with an attention to detail of the physiology and functions of the body. I specialize in Neuromuscular Therapies, Deep Tissue Techniques like Trigger Point Therapy, Dynamic Cupping, and I am also Yamuna Body Rolling certified. I am currently working on becoming master certified in Myoskeletal Alignment from Erik Dalton teachings and workshops.

The greatest part of my job is being able to help relieve my clients of pain so they can live their best life pain-free. With each individual client, my thoughts and actions are set to give Therapeutic Massage with healing intent.

What is Yamuna Body Rolling?

It is a Body Sustainability practice and self-therapy. It provides a thorough teaching and understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the skeleton and soft tissues as the basis for learning self-correcting routines that help realign, adjust and maintain every part of the body. It is extremely helpful with physical restrictions, past injuries, and surgeries to improve range of motion, enhance performance and aid in prevention of further injury or breakdown.

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