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Renee Price


I began my journey as an LMT in 2004, licensed by the State Board Of Ohio. My passion for Massage Therapy stems from a Dalmatian pup I had who couldn’t walk. It was recommended by three veterinarians to put him down as his spine was fused from a genetic defect he was unknowingly born with. My love for my furry friend had me seek alternative advice from a Chiropractor who suggested Massage Therapy. After one Chiropractic treatment, my dog miraculously walked out of the chiropractic office! She advised me to massage him between his Chiro appointments to help them hold longer. I started right away and became Certified in Small Animal Massage, and with massage treatments on my pup, he lived and walked another 4 years! That undeniable power and witness to the outcome of massage is what drew me to my practice of becoming an LMT for people too!


My specialties are Reiki, Swedish Massage, and Cupping. Clientele drawn to my services tend to be those who say, “I’ve had these knots for years!”, or “I’ve never been able to relax!”, and “I need some peace in my life!”. We change all that, as those knots are no more, and relaxation and calmness becomes the new norm. You will feel a difference in the first session! That is how effective Massage Therapy is!  

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