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Renee Price

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Massage with a spiritual flavor: Renee's Passion for Massage Therapy stems from a Dalmatian pup who couldn't walk.  It was Vet recommended he be put down. Renee's love for her furry friend made her seek advice from a chiropractor who suggested massage... Upon walking out of the office, Renee continued to massage her pup, and he lived another 4 years! The power of massage is what drew her to the practice! 


Since becoming Ohio State Board Licensed in 2004 Renee practices a soulful massage therapy that concentrates on the inner soul as well as the physical body.  In addition to western bodywork, Renee calls upon numerous types of alternative therapy, esoteric healing, are the Eastern modalities of Table Thai Massage, Cupping, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Tarot Readings.  If one is in physical pain, it is very difficult to hear that whisper of soul speaking to that inner you, your true essence. "My goal is to get you the results you’re needing for pain relief".

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